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Our Credentials and Professional References

We realize the decision to work with an Internet company who wants to work with your valuable fine art items is not an easy one. To that end, we offer the following credentials for your consideration:

  • Competence, honesty, integrity and ethical practices are the core principles upon which Fine Art Investments was founded in 1972.
  • years as an established entity in our field. (authentic tiffany lamps, and other very valuable fine art and antiques)
  • years in good standing, associated with by membership: The International Society of Appraisers, Inc., and other well respected fine art professional organizations, who take high ethics seriously and maintain strict standards for their members.

References: The following individuals have authorized us to provide their names and contact information as verified business references. These are all people who have known Dennis R. Tesdell and his business reputation and accomplishments and who have had a business relationship with him; some for as long as 40 years. They have all had direct dealings with Dennis and his firm as a private broker, authentic Tiffany lamp expert, appraiser, and respected businessman in his fields of expertise.

Thomas A. Ericson, M.D., private collector515-771-9026

Ms. Jeannie Juarez, private collector402-913-4884

Mr. Lee Kramer, private collector/Attorney at Law202-262-0053

Erica A. Holthausen , private collector978-394-9750

Raymond Mayer, private collector303-915-9378

Jack D. Polcar, private collector440-943-1172

Ms. Nancy Prizant, private collector515-277-1608 or 515-457-7731

Jay Kraft, private collector936-894-1200

Chris Kiefer, private collector717-495-5004

Phyllis Pearson, Attorney at Law (private practice)515-727-0986

Beverly A. Davis, private collector914-466-3386

Sandra Greenblatt, P.A., Attorney at Law, private collector305-577-9995

Phillip Hayne, Attorney at Law (Principal Financial Group, Trust Department)515-247-5059